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Salton Sea
Text and photos courtesy David Herberg
For those of you that have never been on a full on pool skating mission, I'm telling you right now you need to just get off you ass and go do it. Over the past couple weeks my cousin Mike and I have been learning the ways of the Salton Sea. I assume that most of the people reading this have seen "Fruit of the Vine", a pool riding documentary filmed in super 8, which shows stories of the underground subculture of pool skating. If not, they do a short section on the Salton Sea, a depression set, abandoned shithole in south eastern California which due to horrible planning has left pool skaters with a plethora of abandoned pools.
salton sea salton sea salton sea salton sea
The problem is the people that live out there are super weird, like a horror movie come to life. Back in the 60's this was a happenin' place. Even the rat pack had been known to hang out there. But due to poor planning the huge below sea level lake began to sink into the salt flats it was once diverted to back in 1905. With the increase in salinity everything there is rotting and dying. So with the horrible smells and the eerie aura, people began to just leave all their shit and start all over somewhere else. There are at least 6 pools that I know of that are ridable with just a little bit of cleaning. There is nothing else out there.
salton sea salton sea salton sea salton sea
When mike and I went out there the last two times we spent most of the time digging at the Marina pool, which is the peanut shaped, massive perfect transition pool skated in that movie. Unfortunately there was about 4 to 6 feet of dirt piled in the deep end. Now there is about 2 feet. We just didn't have enough time to finish it on the last trip and we were scared out of there a couple times by weird noises. We got lazy and spent most of our time skating this small square pool we found, which is also shortly shown in "Fruit of the Vine".
salton sea salton sea salton sea salton sea
So check out these pics of us having fun and see some of the possibilities there are out there. The square pool tranny is way gnar, the deep end is only 5 feet but it has at least 3 feet of vert. With a little work the other pools will be fully skatable again. The only problem is the Marina pool is haunted or something. We heard some of the scariest noises coming from the old ballroom area. Full on Blair Witch shit...