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Pink Motel Trip

flyerThe story starts a month or so ago when I got wind of a party at the legendary Pink Motel on March 22. The low low price of $10 promised the unbeatable combination of an empty pool, beer, bbq, and bands. Unfortunately this also included the side bonus of a totally packed shallow end. My connections indicated that a small session would most likely take place the night before so that would be my ace in the hole to actually skate the pool, or so I thought... I headed to San Diego to visit family and hooked up with my good friend Jerry to skate the Mission Valley YMCA pool on Friday. Pictures of this place are everywhere so you know the setup. All I can say is go there and skate, you won't be disappointed. Due to girlfriend duties Jerry couldn't get up to the Pink Motel on Friday night so we ended up doing the next best thing, going to a bar.

hitlistDespite our best efforts for an early night on Friday, it just didn't work. Armed with a cold 12 pack, I piled into Jerry's truck alongside Steve Roche and Sam Hitz on Saturday morning. The guys knew that the Pink would be a Zoo so they brought along a shopping list of LA pools for us to sample. As always, the incessant LA traffic kept us from getting to our first pool for a couple of hours. Good thing we had plenty of grindcore to keep us alert.

cloverThis pool was a really nice colver/Mickey Mouse© head shape that was 8ft deep with 3ft shallows. The coping was pretty much perfect to boot. There was already a small session going and I was stoked to finally meet Concrete D regular Mark_from_Pedro and Brad from Team Goon. The Team Goon kids were warmed up and really ripping so we wasted no time in getting got down to business. One of their crew was tearing HUGE crailslides, pushing them past the point of no return and pulling them back in. It was inspiring to see these younger guys skate the pool with style, skill and enthusiasm. Roche was flowing around the pool with smooth lines, loud multi-block grinds, healthy airs and lip tricks. His frontside smiths and 50/50s had the shallow hooting and hollering above the angry protests of the coping. He even busted out with a fsg to the left of the light then went over the stairs frontside back into the deep much to everyone's amazement. The session mellowed and we hit the road to pool number 2.

w_hillsAfter a couple of stops for more music and food, we arrived at the Woodland Hills pool. This pool was small but incredibly fun. The best way to describe this one would be to say that it was a sligly tweaked kidney. Around 8ft deep with perfect tiles and coping, there was a hip on the left with the deathbox and a set back loveseat on the right followed by a long flat wall into the bowled shallow pocked. There was a session going down when we arrived and I was again stoked to see more familiar faces. Greg from Wheelbyte.com was there in video mode with his friends Dave Nelson and Ray Stevens, backyard lurker Preston was also in the shallow. We cracked some cold beverages and got down to business.

rivieraRoche dug deep into his bag and pulled out big ollies, stalefish, and frontside airs. He treated the coping to indy blunts to fakie, chink-chinks, and of course big grinds everywhere. Hitz turned up the heat with a huge backside ollie off the deep end wall over the loveseat and into the shallow. I'm not shitting you, Greg has it on video. Jerry pushed frontside grinds deep into the shallow (video of this soon), ultimately wrecking himself on a tailslide attempt. There was a crazy Brazilian guy whose name I forgot just tearing around the pool at 100mph, the guy could pump speed off of every single wall. Darkness was approaching so we packed it in and headed to the Pink Motel.

We got to the Pink Motel after dark and collectively feeling the strain of two great pool sessions. The party was still going strong and RKL had just taken the stage. The session was in high gear and there was an incredible amount of action going down. It was cool to finally met Nick from brokenmagazine and Jeff from Concrete Disciples, I'm just bummed I didn't have a chance to ride with them. A couple of Jak's Team guys were in attendance as well, way to go LA! Jerry's wrecked ankle was not condusive to hanging around for long so we hit the road for San Diego. You may have noticed that I took very few pictures, if you want more documentation I suggest checking out Wheelbyte, Concrete Disciples and Team Goon, I was just too busy skating...