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Windsor Ca Public Park
New concrete in my area is always welcome, even if it is a public park created by the same firm that designed Petaluma. Windsor Ca is located between Santa Rosa and Healdsburg, approximately an hour and a half north of San Francisco. After delays in getting the park finished (they had to completely re-pour the bowl area) the grand opening is set for Saturday Feb 22, 2003. These ghetto panoramics give you an overview of the park as it would appear when walking through the gate and continuing clockwise around the park. The 'street' section of the park is a shallow resevoir with the requisite fake handrail/block ledge crap on a raised section in the center. There are two quarter pipes at one end with a small channel and a bank to block with a kicker at the other end. Quick perusal of some of the features and transitions in this area show that the geniuses at Wormhoudt are still absolutely clueless, hopefully the good will outshine the bad...

sw corner nw corner

Here is the only thing I really care about besides the proximity to the beer store, the bowl. Eyeball guesstimation by standing in the bottom indicates that the small end is roughly four feet deep with a hip straddling the waterfall into a six foot section that contains a hip and short escalators up to about seven feet at the very end.

ne corner se corner

One thing I noticed about this park are that there are no provisions for spectating either inside or outside of the park so bring a twelve pack or cooler to sit on.

Hwy 101 North
Central Windsor Exit
Continue forward through the first light
Left at the second light on to Brooks Road South
Stop at shopping center and buy beer
Park is about a half mile down on the right, next to the school
Park hours are 8:00AM to 7:00PM During daylight savings and 8:00AM to 5:00PM otherwise
For more information see: http://www.ci.windsor.ca.us/3041.html#skate-odyssey