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Funding for New Skatepark Nears Target - 11/02
Reprinted without permission from the San Rafael City Focus Summer/Fall 2002
Trudy Rucker, City Focus Staff (you think we would write shit this funny?)

It has been just over a year since skateboarders and inline skaters got together to brainstorm, in a series of community meetings, their vision of a place of their own that would let them 'throw down' fronsides, bluntslides, frontsides, ollies and fakies.

Seventy percent of the funding for the $1.6 million skatepark, to be located in McInnis Park, has been secured. The remaining amount includes raising the final $35,000 locally. "This may seem like a small amount, but the final funds are needed to demonstrate community commitment," said Community Services Director Carlene McCart. The park opening is scheduled for next year.

Proposed San Rafael Park

The park is a collaborative project of the City of San Rafael, the County of Marin and Marinwood Community District. For many years, these jurisdictions have been aware of the need for a facility for skateboarders and inline skaters. when San Rafael's Vision in Action committee found the ideal site in County-owned McInnis Park, the City and County undertook the project as a joint venture, realizing that together they could make a more formidable application for grant funds as well as build a larger facility.

Indigo/Hammond & Playe Architects, renowned for their skateparks across the United States, are designing the facility. Inspired by McInnis Park's history as the site of a Nike Missile Base, the plan features a blast crater, a lift off ramp, grinding rails, bowls, steps and a halfpipe. Covering 25,000 square feet, it will be the largest skatepark in the county and will contain areas for all skill levels.

The skatepark includes landscaping, viewing and picnic areas, access lanes and parking. McCart noted that skateboarding can be intense and exhausting, and that participants like to watch and learn from one another. "We wanted the facility to be inviting for both skaters and non-skaters, so we included amenities that would entice those looking for a challenge and those observing the artistry and skill of the sport." Users will be required to wear safety gear and adhere to a code of behavior. Park rangers will enforce regulations and provide security and maintenance.Community Services is launching a fund-raising effort for the final $35,000. As soon as the goal is reached, the project will be put out for bid.

You may send donations to:
Friends of San Rafael - McInnis Skatepark
P.O. Box 151560
San Rafael, Ca 94915-1560