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vaga Vagabond- The clock is ticking, again... Go get some while you can Full Story >>>
salton Salton Sea- Glamorous resort living in one of the most scenic desert locales as witnessed by David Herberg Full Story >>>
tropical Return to Fresno- If you ignore all the cliché jokes about road trips, they really do refresh your outlook and generate stories that will be told long after everyone is out of jail and the tickets are paid off... Full Story >>>
cool and refreshing Northwest Video Premiere, Phoenix AZ- You know its going to be good when an article starts out with a discussion of the venerable PBR... By Chris Kelley Full Story >>>
victory Biddy Bowl- "Hey, what is that?" Mr. Biddy Martin walked into my office last January and caught me red handed goofing off, watching digital videos on my computer... By Jeff 'Krustyskater' Bower Full Story >>>
riviera Pink Motel Trip- When I heard that there was going to be a pool party at the Pink Motel I had to go. As usual things did not work out quite like I had planned... Full Story >>>
windsor Windsor Ca Park- New concrete in my area is always welcome, even if it is a public park created by the same firm that designed Petaluma. Windsor Ca is located between Santa Rosa and Healdsburg, approximately an hour and a half north of San Francisco. Full Story >>>
vagabond Vagabond Forever- By their very nature, pools are usually gone before you know it. The Vagabond is turning into one of those legendary spots like Buena, The Nude and Baldy. Full Story >>>
San Rafael Park San Rafael Skatepark- I just got a hold of the tentative design for the San Rafael skatepark. I see two things I like, an ameoba pool and a clover. The architect looks questionable to say the least. Hopefully they can pull it off... Full Story >>>
watergod 3 Days 4 Pools- Arriving in San Diego bright and early on Saturday morning was not really the way I intended to start this trip, but it did save us the indignity of skating our first real pools in months with hangovers. Full Story >>>