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Updates: Four new empty pools and Three action shots. Thanks to Hoss, David Freil and JC for this weeks contributions.

Updates: Damn, a month without an update, I suck, no more rockin' for me... I even got berated by Chris 'I ride for Sacrifice now' Ferris, in person no less. By the way, good luck on your male modeling career Chris. Ok, enough nonsense: Two new articles, Etnies tile and bowl shots and a couple empty pools. Link to Wagonwheel Inc.

Updates: Christmas Presents from Swellbow and JC: tilejar, action and an empty pool.

Updates: NorCal update courtesy of Jon Yunker: tilejar, action and an empty pool. Action shot from Morlon. Link to the Marseille Skatepark site.

Updates: Artsy tilejar shots from Swellbow, action shot from Marcus and an empty pool from the Wheelbyte stash.

Updates: Contributions from Drain Bammage and Bill Sargeant: empty pools and action shots.

Updates: There is much to be thankful for this week, contributions from Swellbow, Chris Kelly, the Shearers, Hoss and JC: empty pools, tilejar and action shots. Link to Slob Crew site.

Updates: Boatload of good contributions, you'd think its summer... Swellbow, Chris Kelly and the Shearers deliver the goods: empty pools, video and action shots. Link to Salbaland, like you haven't seen his site yet...

Updates: The Tilejar overflows with contributions from Swellbow. Bill Sargeant pitches in with one for the tilejar as well as action shots. Bunch of Vegas goods from Manimal and Paul Smith: action, video and a sweet amoeba. Started archiving news older than 3 months so this page stops trailing on into oblivion.

Updates: Hoss, Chris and Rene come through with the pools. Chris also throws in some tilejar and random shots to boot. Mike Shearer and his wife Karyn both rip plus they have a friend with this unique setup. Bill Sargeant sends a double shot of Beverly Hills action. Fixed the broken link for the video from Davoud.

News: Due to a prior commitment, I will not be updating the site until early November. Get out there, find pools, ride them and send pictures!
Updates: Hoss, Yunker and Gar come through with some nice looking empty pools, Claremont and Northwest action shots from Chris Kelley and Gar, tilejar additions, a video from Davoud and a link to Newport Underground.

Updates: Lagging again... Here's why: 3 pools, action shots and tilejar images.

Updates: Big contribution from Matt Moose of the 209, 2 videos, pool and action shots.

Updates: 3 new videos a kink sink and Texas action.

Updates: Yeah, I've been lagging, what do you want for nothing, a rubber biscuit? If you get the reference pat yourself on the back.
3 new videos, action shots from Bill Sargeant, a sticker from Chris Kelley, tilejar image from Jon Yunker and a couple random shots of the four seasons park from from Brad.

Updates: Fullpipe action from Markus, scan from Chris Kelly, another classic sticker from Jon Yunker and a cool empty shot from Wishuwerehere.

Updates: Action shots from Chris Kelley.

Updates: Secret Pool photo from an Anonymous benefactor. Tilejar image from Jon Yunker, random, stickerbox and action shots as well as scans from Chris Kelley.

Updates: Harrow Pool photo from Inkey, tilejar and stickerbox scans from Josh, action shots from Chris Kelley.

Updates: Empty Pools from Hoss, Tilejar images from Yunker and Bill Sargeant and action shots from Bill as well. Finally, a worthy scan for the stickerbox.

No Update This Week: On the road to Seattle. If you are in the NW come out and drink a beer with us @ the Ballard contest.

Update: Empty Pools from Hoss, Wheelbyte and Bennett. Tilejar images from Bennett and Wheelbyte. Action shots from Paul Smith and Swellbow. Random shot from Hoss. Videos from Bob Lake.

Updates: Tilejar image from Swellbow. Classic and contemporary pipe shots from Hoss. Spitfire and K-Pool pool videos from Paul Smith. Random image from the poolrider collection. Link to Original Skateboards.

Updates: Northwest Video Premiere article courtesy of Chris Kelley. Empty Pools from Hoss, Yunker and my own recon. Links to NagChaumpa and Bonelessone.

Updates: Biddy Bowl article with pictures and tons of video courtesy of Jeff 'Krustyskater' Bower. Action shots of Royce and Peter Hewitt from Davoud. Shot of the Mustang Ranch Pool from the SF Chronicle.

Updates: Bunch of action shots from Bill Sargeant. Links to ConcreteWave magazine, Mike Moore Studios and AZPX.

Updates: New empty pool photos from Manimal and Brendan. Action shot of Markus skating the world's smallest bowl.

Updates: New empty pool photos from the RHPS crew and another nice action photo from Jerrod.

Updates: New empty pool photos from Manimal and yours truly, Brown Growler action photo from Jerrod, Sunnyvale Ca park photos from Greg at wheelbyte.

Updates: New empty pool and tilejar photos from the Yunker/N-Men connection and yours truly, Fantasy Square and Salton Sea action photos from Buddy Carr and Bennett, respectively. Premiere tour dates for the new Nichols Charnoski Film 'Northwest'.

Updates: New empty pool courtesy of Jon Yunker.

Updates: New empty pool courtesy of the N-Men.

Updates: New empty pool and tilejar image. Killed a bunch of old links and added a new link to Shitbird.net. Hail Satan!

Updates: Two new videos from Zach in Chico, two new empty pool shots from Hoss, two new random images from Dusto and a link to holenite.com
News: Seen on the Deathbox forum, Neil Heddings benefit jam/contest at Pala Round on April 12, 1-4 PM

Updates: San Diego/Pink Motel article with two new empty pools, one random and one tilejar image. If you are on the East coast be sure to check the Backyard Roundwall Benefit on April 4. Link to Jon Yunker's new photo site.

No Update this week, on my way to San Diego to skate.

Updates: In response to people who say stupid shit like 'You still ride a skateboard?!', new action shot of yours truly, yes I do still ride my skateboard thank you. Super cool pool party info.

Updates: Two new empty pool photos from Hoss. Be sure to check out the skateboard museum over at Skull Skates.

Updates: Two new empty pool photos from Hoss. Action shot from Rene at Sacrifice Skateboards. New video of Andy Mac at the Claremont Y, thanks to Manimal. Three great new links to Iron Fist Skateboards, BakerPools and the Virginia Beach Pool Service. Reformatted the rest of image galleries so that newest images are at top of the page instead of the end.

Updates: Proof that aliens walk among us: scans of Burnquist going for the el rollo at Baldy (and paying the price). Three killer new empty pool photos from Hoss and one from our friends at wheelbyte.com. Article on the new NorCal skatepark in Windsor Ca with photos. Three new videos showcasing an amusing RealTV spot, El Cortez and the Sonoma Pool.

Updates: New skating photos from Chris in AZ and Shawn in WA. Hoss comes through with more sweet empty pools. Scrapped a couple of the lousy videos to make way for new ones.

Updates: New skating photo from Chris in AZ and a link to a recent pool article in TWS. New video forthcoming but premiere chose to give me a hard time.

Updates: New empty pool and tilejar images contributed by Mr. Hoss. Action shot of the one and only Brewce Martin from Dan at Fullpipe.com Big new video of the last Nude Bowl Resurrection. Began reformatting image galleries so that newest images are at top of page instead of end, tilejar and random imags are done, others to follow as I have time.

Updates: New empty pools contributed by Mr. Hoss and Andrew, skating and park photos from Mark in Germany, link to criticalthrash.com. Reformatted the video page so it looks more uniform.

Updates: 2 video clips from the poolrider archive and images contributed by Mr. Hoss from AZ.

Updates: 3 video clips and images contributed by poolriders Andrew and Josh Z. Link to the Save The Vagabond site.

Happy New Year Everyone!
3 video clips and a link to the Team Goon site.

Updates: Fresno trip article, some new empty pools, 3 video clips and links to Conspiracy Skateboards and RK's N-Men site.

Finally got my shit together, hooked up the domain and redesigned the site. Bunch of new links and content. Got a ton of stuff to scan and add... Message board is on the way along with videos, shirts and stickers. Let me know if anything is broken or not working.